Institutional Profiles

The establishment of the World Trade Center Macau Arbitration Center (formerly named "World Trade Center Macau Voluntary Arbitration Center”) was authorized by Order 48/GM/98, published in the Macau Official Gazette number 24 of 5 June 1998.

The objective of the World Trade Center Macau Arbitration Center (also known as WTC Macau Arbitration Center) is to promote the resolution of disputes through arbitration and mediation, providing the disputes parties with alternative resolutions other than judicial litigation.

Since its establishment, efforts have been made to fulfill this objective, while at the same time, accruing experience in solving disputes in civil, administrative or commercial issues.

The WTC Macau Arbitration Center operates within the World Trade Center Macau and is directed by a Council comprised of a President, a Vice-President and five Members.

The Arbitrators and Mediators of the Center are individuals, residents or non-residents in Macao, of any nationality, with a well-known reputation for his/her ethic and high level of professionalism in different fields such as law, finance, architecture, transportation, international trading and information technology.